Occupational English Test (OET)

The English language test for healthcare professionals.

What is Occupational English Test (OET)?

OET is a well-respected international English language test to assess language communication skills for the healthcare sector in an English speaking environment.

OET has been developed specifically to reflect workplace tasks for 12 healthcare professions.

Tasks simulating real workplace scenarios and testing relevant language skills for healthcare.

Why choose OET?

OET is accepted as proof of English proficiency for visas, study, registration and employment in healthcare.

Healthcare professionals: Healthcare professionals choose OET because it helps them prove they have the right level of English for work or study, while also learning the kind of language they will need every day at work.

Healthcare organisations: Healthcare organisations and regulators choose OET because it helps them to select healthcare professionals with the right level of English proficiency to deliver safe and high quality care.

Who recognises OET?

OET is trusted by regulators, hospitals & universities in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, and Singapore as proof of ability to communicate effectively.

OET results are accepted as proof of English language skills by regulatory healthcare boards and councils; the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection and healthcare educators.

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